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Eduardo Ambrocio Coffee Advisors
  Eduardo Ambrocio Coffee Advisors
Advisory and quality control; education and training; and, coffee profiling.

One of the results of the segmentation of the coffee market is the differentiation of classification and evaluation systems by strict sensorial methods. Thus, this requirement extends to all the coffee production chain and actors involved in the industry.


Beyond meeting the criteria of absence of defects, the evaluation of fine coffees throughout the careful and rigorous process covers from field, wet processing all the way to identification of particular characteristics to export.


EA -Coffee Advisors provides advisory on the correct application of these quality standards through assessment, education and training from the field to the cup, and identification of flavor profiles for product segmentation.



We are a company focused on differentiating quality flavor profiles of coffee through physical and sensory analysis of the product, classification and training.


Passion for quality and excellence.

Objectivity in our analyzes

Transparency with our clients

Honesty in our actions

Traceability in our procedures