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    Eduardo Ambrocio Timeline

I worked in a coffee exporter performing management activities with coffee inventories. That is how I got involved in cupping, which ever since called my attention and subsequently became my priority.

Small Producers Coffee Quality Improvement Program

I had the opportunity to work in the Small Producers Coffee Quality Improvement Program, implemented by USAID and Anacafé. This platform allowed me to relate the cupping quality control in the field and wet processing. I enriched my experience in the sensory area, and linked desirable cupping characteristics or unwanted flavors with the wet beneficio practices.


Cup of Excellence in Guatemala

The Cup of Excellence competition and online auction begun, executed by Anacafé. My department was in charge of the technical coordination since then. My main role was to ensure compliance with the protocols of sample preparation, roasting, dosing, set up tables, drawing graphs and statistics for the calibration sessions.

Expert Cupper by Anacafe

Got the title of Expert Cupper from Anacafé after approving all tests.

Licensed Q Grader by CQI

I passed the examinations required to obtain international certification of Q Grader, the first class of Central American cuppers, issued by the Coffee Quality Institute, CQI .

Head Judge for the Alliance for Coffee Excellence

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence selected me to be part of the Head Judges technical staff of the Cup of Excellence competitions and internet auction program. My responsibility was to monitoring and verifying compliance with cupping protocols, from sample preparation, to roasting, dosing and table set up of the samples in Central America, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

ACE Trainer

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence selected me to join their staff of training courses and seminars, specifically cupping, roasting and sensory evaluation in Australia and Asia.

Q Instructor

In the 2014 attained recognition as Q Instructor, valid for 3 years, which empowers me to organize Q Tranining and exam courses for cuppers applying to the Q grader degree issued by Quality Coffee Institute of the United States.